Born in New Zealand

Vicky suffered from sensitive and fragile skin all her life, and it was a culmination of eczema, allergies, and long-term exposure of paint pigments. She was also in search of a skincare range that was gentle enough to use daily but could deliver real results to care for her specific skin type. When her hunt for such products were futile, Vicky decided to launch her own brand.  

Growing up in New Zealand, Vicky saw the functionality of utilising native plants in her hard-working formulas. Her unique eye for detail and love of style and design pushed her to launch Sávar in 2010 with outstanding local experts, and the end result is a safe, gentle and effective natural skincare range that delivers serious results.

Our Positioning

There are two principles that Sávar follows in all its product development: 

New Zealand's natural and pure spirit: Pure and non-irritating natural plant extracts sourced from New Zealand have been selected as Sávar’s core ingredients to nourish and protect fragile skin. 

Experimental science: Sávar continues to lead in-depth research and partner with professional dermatological medical institutions and laboratories to create products that are professionally endorsed by New Zealand GMP certified laboratories to ensure safety and efficacy on skin.

Our Safety Promise

We’re committed to becoming the ‘next generation of skincare’ and it’s not a promise we take lightly. 

 At Sávar, we search far and wide for the best ingredients and our premium natural products are both GMP certified and bear the official New Zealand FernMark, a trademark recognised and endorsed by the New Zealand Government authenticating our connection to Aotearoa. 

 Mother Nature can be fickle. With climate change, harvest issues, soil changes and even bee populations impacting overall supply, we know we need to do our bit to keep the Earth’s natural balances in check. 

 We’re dedicated to protecting our beautiful planet and ensuring the longevity of Sávar products for future generations to enjoy. We work side by side with our manufacturers and suppliers to ensure our ingredients are all from reliable and sustainable sources that don’t tax natural resources - because luxury beauty shouldn’t cost the Earth.

Using the latest technology and science, we transform selected native New Zealand and other plant-based ingredients into luxurious beauty products, each with unique qualities to provide the best results for your skin type.

Dermatologically Tested

Natural, Safe, Scientific, Effective skincare solutions