The importance of natural ingredients in skincare

We watch what food we consume and what we put in our bodies, so why should skincare be any different? On average, a woman uses 12 personal care items a day, and as our biggest organ, our skin absorbs everything that we put on it, so taking a close look at what is in our skincare is crucial. 

Chemicals in skincare can cause a multitude of longterm problems. It can irritate and cause skin sensitivities and actually accelerate ageing by damaging the skin’s barrier. There are deeper internal problems too, some chemicals are believed to disrupt the endocrine system, disrupting the body’s normal hormone function and externally, longterm use can contribute to eczema and dermatitis.

Using skincare with chemical toxins will also interrupt the skin’s natural healing process. As your skin regenerates and detoxifies overnight, using skincare with these ingredients will interrupt this process. 

Choosing skincare products made from natural ingredients is not only going to benefit your skin’s health, it will also benefit your overall health. Nature’s ingredients also have so many amazing healing properties so it makes sense to choose a skincare that is going to be effective naturally.

Savar’s skincare range is entirely made from natural ingredients, with all of them being safe yet effective. You will find ingredients such as New Zealand’s manuka honey  - a natural antimicrobial that is soothing, calming and protecting - and organic cucumber,(in Savar Luxury Face Wash) found to cool, hydrate and tone the skin.

Because of these natural ingredients, the whole range is suitable for even the most sensitive skins. As they are soap-free, they also won’t dry out the skin. Other ingredients can be found that will naturally help your skin fight against inflammation and assist the skin in healing itself and reducing visible damage. Rosehip, New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil and New Zealand kiwifruit are all found in the Rosehip Brightening Serum. These proven ingredients will help in evening out skin tone and reducing redness. 

With all of these effective natural alternatives available to us, it is a choice that we can make to treat our skin just as we would our diet, and a chance to reduce our overall chemical exposure that should be taken.


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